Fall Into Shape Challenge

6 Week Challenge 

Join us for our exclusive online group challenge to level your health and fitness! 

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Fall Into Shape 6 Week Challenge

Do not miss this opportunity to build a healthy community, WIN PRIZES and become the best version of yourself!










This challenge was the kick in the butt that I needed to get my nutrition in order and get my daily water intake up. I love the Hybrid Athlete community, and how they encourage, empower, and support each other. It's like a little family that gets what you're going through and I don't think I'd be as successful with this program or this challenge without them.


It was so good for me! It was powerful to have very tangible ways (like the checklist) to see where I was investing in myself daily. I wasn’t giving myself enough credit before but now I see clearly that I put the work in!


My name is Christie. I have been a bit stressed, depressed and have been experiencing a lot of change in my life recently. The last time I felt truly good about my body was when I was training with Lacey. So I joined this program. In just 3 weeks I feel that I have leaned out a bit and I feel so good. When I say that I feel good it's not just physically. It's mentally and emotionally too. I am excited to continue to live a healthy and happy life.



This fun competition gives you chances to win prizes the more you interact. 


The competition creates a supportive environment and pushes people past their comfort zone to get results.


We believe in strong, commited, supportive communities that strive for growth. 


Step 1

Register for Lifestyle+Plus Membership *Must be a member to enter competition.

Step 2

Fill out registration packet sent to you and set up profile in Hybrid Athlete App. 

Step 3 

Your trainer will reach out to you with customized Macros and next steps. 

October Fall into Shape Challenge

Join us for a transformational 6 week challenge that will help:

  • Build your confidence 
  • Connect you with supportive people 
  • Challenge you to become the best version of yourself 
  • Increase your Health and Fitness knowledge 
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